Members of the same family unit may apply together on the same form. If a child is born to an applicant after an application is lodged and before a primary decision is made on that application the child will be taken to be included in that application. You should promptly notify the department of the birth of your child. If you are included in this application as a member of the same family unit and you do not meet the definition of a member of the same family unit you will be advised. If you...
protection visa

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Hi today I'd like to tell you about the application process of seeking refugee status in Australia it is important that you understand each and every stage properly and that you seek legal help for each and every stage I'll explain in simple language four different stages of the application process but remember the information I'm giving you is not legal advice if you arrive in Australia and believe that you're a refugee and if you require protection you can apply for a protection visa if you need help to understand if you are refugee you can go to the section who is a refugee in this website the first stage is to make an application for a protection visa to the Department of Immigration and Citizenship you may hear people call this the diag to do this you need to complete the form eight six sixth title on the form is application for a protection visa class X a you can find this form on the diag website WWE me gov dot EU or ask your lawyer or migration agent to help you find the form prepare a statement of claim with supporting documentation you'll also need to pay a $30 application fee have your fingerprints and photograph taken the dike will use these fingerprints and photos to do checks about you for example to find out if you have traveled to other countries and undergo health and character check you are normally asked to attend an interview with an officer from diag after they have looked at all your forms and information there is really helpful information on what happens in the interview and how to prepare on this website if your application at this stage is successful you will receive a protection visa and you do not have to go to any of the following stages if your application is not successful at the first stage then there are three more possible stages for your case the second stage is called a refugee review tribunal also called RRT you can go to the rrt if diak refuses to grant you a protection visa you have the right to ask the rrt to look at your case again the rrt can look at your case with fresh eye and they will look at all the information and make a decision on your case the rrt can make a different decision to the diag at this stage you'll have to attend a hearing and explain your claims again to the tribunal member if the refugee Review Tribunal gives you a positive decision they will send your case back to diag to process and grant you a protection visa the RRT cannot actually grant you this visa themselves if the refugee Review Tribunal gives you a negative decision you may have further options at the Federal Magistrates Court or with the Minister for immigration and citizenship let's look at those options now the third stage is to make an application to the Federal Magistrates Court if the RRD has rejected your case and there was a legal error in the decision you can lodge an application with the Federal Magistrates Court legal error is a technical term in simple terms it means that there was a mistake in the way that rrt...